1. Eligibility

  2. Prepare for a job searching

      • Resume
      • Cover letter
      • A Reference list: this is a list of contacts of the people who you well, has good positions, and give possitive feedback about you.
      • A job search check list
      • Create a professional linkedin account
  3. Job Search

    • Here are the links of places where you can look for your job:
    • Tips:
      • Apply for the jobs on the schools' websites first in order to have a better chance to get an interview invitation.
      • Connection is one of the most important part that can help you to get a job
      • Attending local job fairs in the city or on campus.
  4. Apply

    • Adjust your resume so that it will be suitable for each job you applied for.
    • Fill the information of the company that you apply in the "job search check list" provided above
  5. Prepare for the interview

    • Research about the company
      • Their history
      • Products/Services
      • Strengths and weaknesses
      • See how you can fit in the organization and benefit them
    • Book a mock interview with a staff at your school's career center or with a friend.
    • Bring:
      • A copy of your resume
      • The reference list
      • Your projects to show off if applicable
    • Dress: formal or semi-formal
    • Tips:
      1. It is important to be honest and truthful, don't lie.
  6. Follow up

    • Send a thank-you email to the person who interviewed you.
    • If you really like the place, you may want to call their Human Resource department to ask how the process is going.
      1. Also, sometimes they forget, you should call to remind them; it will show your confidence in performance of the job.

Wish you the best of lucks,