If you are currently a temporary resident in Canada, and want to go back to school to change your status to student, you can follow the following instruction to apply for a study permit and student visa.

Note: you need to apply for your study permit first, then you can send another application for the visa.


  • You must acquire an acceptance letter from an institution in Canada.
  • You can apply to any college and university in Ontario through the Ontario Universities' Application Centre website. Usually, we use 105D application for international students.


  • Acceptance letter (this will take a few weeks, so make sure to order it in advance).
  • Financial statement (bank statement 3-6 months, T4, T4a, etc...)
  • IMMxxxx application form (you will be given the form to fill out when you apply online)
  • Explanation letter (if necessary)
  • A credit card to pay for the application fee online (it is around $150)


  1. Create an account to hold your application

    • Click here to create it.
      • You can either login via your bank account or create a new account through GCKey.
      • It is important to make sure that you remember your login ID, password, and security questions because it  will not be easy to recover your password once you forget it.
    • The website is used by millions of people, so there are a lot of traffic. When the traffic is high, it may display an error webpage or push you back to the cic home page after you login. You just need to try it again until you are able to get into your account main page.
  2. Determine your eligibility

    1. After login successfully, click on the button as the one below:CanadianVisa01
    2. Roll down, under "Determine your eligibility and apply only", click on the similar button as the above to answer a series of questions.
      • Note:
        • When you are asked for your nationality, it is Vietnamese
        • When you are asked for your country of residence, it is Canada.
  3. Submit required documents

    • Depending on your answer, the system will then give you one or more available types of application(s) that you can apply for.
    • Pick the one that you desire, and you will be given a list of required documents in order to submit your application.
    • Follow its instruction.
    • When filling IMMxxxx application form:
      • UCI is your client ID with 8 digits which is a unique number that can be found on any of your visas and permits.
      • visa-2011
    • "Document Number" start with a letter, U or F, following by 9 digits which can be found at the top right corner of your permits.
    • Click here to check the application processing time.
  4. Approval

    • Once approved, you will receive your study permit.
    • After that, you can redo the process to apply for your student visa. When you get approval, you have to send your passport to Ottawa to get the final decision, and they will also add the new visa onto your passport.

Note: the information provided above is just a brief summary of important points. Therefore, if you want to know more in detail, please refer to the Canada Immigration and Citizenship website at www.cic.gc.ca/.

Good luck,