HumberVSA Facebook Group Policy

by HumberVSA Executives


Due to the number of our members is increasing rapidly, we establish the following policy which apply for all members of Vietnamese Student Association in Humber College. Please take your time to read it carefully.

  • 1. All new students must register an account on our website in order to be eligible joining our facebook group.
  • 2. All current members must register an account by June 30, 2018 if you want to remain in our group.
    • Alumni and former executives will be exemt from this registration.
  • 3. Only registered members' posts are approved in our facebook group (Will be effective on June 15).
    • Current alumni, and authorize people are exempt from this policy.
  • 4. No commercial advertisements are allowed.
  • 5. Unrelated posts to students will not be approved.
  • 6. All of the posts related to these categories must be submitted to our website first (posts will be approved immediately if you hold a student status with us), then you can share your submitted posts in our facebook group. These are the categories:
    • Housing
    • Jobs
    • Services
    • Used books
    • Volunteering positions
  • 7. All posts in HumberVSA group should include hashtags
    • example: #2018, #events, #books, #news, #immigration
  • 8. We have the right to remove any members without notification.
  • 9. All members have the responsibility to check our updated policy on this page which may be change without notification.

If you are not a student, and would like to join us, please contact us through our webpage or send us an email to We would be happy to support you.

If you have any concerns, please fill out a feedback form.

Thank you